Why do women love reading erotic novels?

50 shades of Grey stormed the world a few years and got lapped up by women everywhere. The book became so popular that men were getting tired of being gauged against the protagonist of the book, Mr Grey.

Why are women so attracted to erotic novels?

As a famous saying goes, great sex needs two things, intimacy and imagination. While intimacy needs another person, imagination needs no one else apart from your own mind. As apps like Tinder destroy the concept of dating and feelings of intimacy, women have sought refuge in their own imagination.

With books like 50 shades of Grey getting mass acceptance, the taboo once associated with erotic literature is now gone. This has helped women deal with their own insecurities and explore their own needs and fantasies.

Sale of erotic novels shot up by 30% in the last two years as more women found out how great it feels to ‘escape’ into the fantasy land with their imaginary ‘Mr. Right’. With the number of e-readers like Kindle, they don’t even need to own the physical book anymore or suffer from the embarrassment of being discovered when reading such a book. Imagine your male colleague catching you with a copy of ‘A million dirty secrets’ or the ‘Breathless trilogy’.

One of the most intriguing parts of the erotic novels is the anticipation it builds up between the characters. The hero kissing a woman can be a simple, easy scene. And no one would pay attention to it. But when the writer builds up the anticipation of that kiss, the wait becomes unbearable. And women lap it up. It also offers an easy escape from the mundane day to day living.

Another big advantage of an erotic novel is that even married (or committed) women can enjoy the adventure with ‘another’ man without cheating on her husband/partner. There is no worry about getting pregnant or an STD. At the same time, she can identify with the heroine in the book and feel special about the attention she receives from the hero.

Harlequin, one of the most popular publishers of erotic novels have perfected a plot formula that has been loved by millions of women around the world. It portrays a scruffy looking athletic man who starts off as an insensitive brute but changes into a kind compassionate man all because of his love for the woman.

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